Electrical Engineering


Any project starts with a solid electrotechnical design. The materials and calculations on this level guarantee a smooth path to the project finish line. Our team will handle your questions about risk analysis, safety compliancies and CE certification. On top of that an extended material knowledge will fulfill the questions related to your hardware challenges.


From ordering the first parts to start-up. CPA will supervise the total process and coordinate the necessary suppliers and partners. Cabinet building-, FAT- & commissioning support is off course all part of our scope.


Industrial networking challenges are not new, but the complexity increases year after year. After an in-depth analysis our IT related services can help you with a state-of-the-art design & configuration of the network. Our hardware team will help to manage the cabling works & draw the necessary schematics of your new architecture. Hackers and malware use a variety of tactics to attack your organization. How do you protect yourself? Choosing the right solutions is complex and waiting is not an option. We are your ideal partner to jointly make the right choices and implementations to get your Cybersecurity under control.


Industrial Automation


Everybody can program a PLC… They say. At CPA we make a difference by maximizing your uptime through good and experience based PLC programming. On top of that it delivers what it promises: an intuitive & diagnostic information based system that has been improved throughout the years. A different brand is not a showstopper, any brand that found your love can be our tool for perfect automation.


Custom material handling or difficult task applications? Maybe a robot could be an answer for a stressfull task or something with high repeatibility. No stress, is what we'd say. At CPA we can help to ask the right questions and get to the core of the problem to find the right answers for your (co)robotic challenges. We take challenges from A to Z, from solution analysis to implementation, CE certification and aftercare.


Motion is everywhere. Fast & precise or heavy & robust, there are many different applications that need special attention and experience. CPA has a broad experience with different brands in smaller, medium and high power ranges.


A SCADA should be modern, intuitive and useful. Alarms should point out the issue, not be annoying and hard to delete. Due to a synchronization between the controls and the SCADA CPA succeeds in doing just that; getting the right information to the operator so that a problem can be described with ease and peace of mind. We upgrade the efficiency to commision and maintain the projects by adding the necessary logging, audit trails, macro implementations and object based data visualisations.


Industrial IT


Data is the new gold. So implementing industrial data logging from various sources is the key to information collection, reporting and supporting improvement processes. CPA implements industrial data logging, having experience with a large variety of industrial protocols and communication media into an industrial historical database with low TCO.


CPA is a valuable partner for your MES implementations. Guiding our customers on their journey to Operation Excellence, by deploying three core modules : Efficiency (OEE), Quality and Traceability. Additional modules are available to enrich the solution and bring added values like : electronic SOP and OCAP documents, … 


Cross-platform dashboarding and reporting as an out-of-the box solution. Joining data from various data sources, time series or relational in one common data model, available through a web based interface.


By using the latest development technologies like ASP.Net MVC or ASP.Net Core, CPA can develop custom web applications. Also traditional interfaces, using WPF technology, are available at the CPA development stack. In case of non-standard ERP interfaces, .NET developments are available exchanging the data.


Tracking and traceability information can be made available in a full automated way by using HF and/or UHF RFID integration in the production process. Prevent waste and rework caused by abuse of raw materials by implementing the CPA BOM production order check.


As an early adopter, CPA is delivering brand independent, Cloud or On Premise, IoT platforms for various industries. Using a rock solid Edge Data Gateway, with build-in store and forward technology, ensures a stable and reliable data feed to the platform. A flexible platform solution, rich in features and modules, provides a suitable and cost-efficient solution for the needs of our customers. 


From a growing volume of data, a significant demand for high-performance reporting has emerged in the world of industrial automation. CPA brings industrial data warehousing solutions which cubes, transforms, denormalizes and presents data optimally to reporting tools such as PowerBI and PowerPivot.


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